Welcome to the Syracuse Ukrainian National Home!

The Syracuse Ukrainian National Home (UNH) Inc. was established in 1933. Throughout the years, this center for social and cultural activity has allowed for the preservation of Ukrainian tradition and ethnic pride. Located in Syracuse New York, we are the home of Ukrainian-American Youth Association (CYM) - Syracuse Branch, Odesa Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine - Syracuse Branch (ODFFU), Woman's Association for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine (WADFFU), Poppies Ukrainian Gift Shop, Ukrainian Men's Club, VORONY Traditional Ukrainian Orchestra, 'SURMA' Men's Choir, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America - Syracuse Branch, Organization for the Defense of LEMKO Western Ukraine - Syracuse Branch, and Ukrainian National Association Branch 'Zaporoskij Sich'.

Operating Hours

Hours of Operation
Wednesday:6 PM - 12 AM
Thursday:2 PM - 2 AM
Friday:2 PM - 2 AM
Saturday:6 PM - 2 AM
Office Hours
Sunday:5 PM - 10 PM
Wednesday:5 PM - 10 PM
Thursday:7 PM - 10 PM